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I basically like the developer made of white wine vinegar so I bought a big bottle (5L) from amazon.
Just for my curiosity, I once tried black vinegar instead of white wine vinegar but it didn’t work at all. 
The only difference I can think of is if it’s made from rice or grape… and probably that would largely affect to the result? I don’t know.. I need to look into the process of how the vinegar is made to know more about the reaction but I’m not that interested in about that. The message here is “do not use the black vinegar”..(I know nobody would do such a stupid thing.)

化学反応を知るにはお酢の製造工程を調べる必要がありそうです。 あまり興味ないですけれど。。
とにかく黒酢は使ってはダメです。 (誰も使わないか・・。)