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I was talking with one of my wet plate friends about the population of collodion artists in Japan.
The “collodion artists” I mean here is whoever shoots wet plates quite often, not necessarily earn the money by making the plates. The members we both know are about 6-7 people and his guess of the total population is less than 30 people in Japan.
I personally think more people are shooting the wet plates.
Well we never know and who cares.

The photo is my first plate from the workshop (not self). I was told that I would struggle as my first trial went too good. And yes, I struggle a lot now…

湿板の友達と実際に湿板をやっている人は日本にどのくらいいるんだろうという話をしてました。 共通の知人は6、7人で友達の予想によると日本に30人もいないんじゃないかとのこと。

初めてのワークショップで作ったプレート。 最初にこんなにうまくいったら後が苦労するね、と言われましたが、ま、苦労してます(笑。