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My 3rd carbon printing. The exposure may have been too long. The image became pretty dark.
3度目のカーボンプリント。 露光時間が長かったのか暗くなってしまいました。

I captured the unique 3-dimenional relief with my iphone so that you can actually see how the surface of the carbon printing looks like. You may want to click the image to enlarge for better look.
カーボンプリント独特の凹凸をiphoneで撮影してみました。 大きくしてみるともっとよく見えますが表面が立体的。 ちょっぴり感動。

This wet plate negative is my favorite so I placed transparent film sheet between the tissue and negative to avoid damaging it like yesterday.
I tried 4th print but it was a disaster so I trashed.

Besides carbon printing, I shoot a couple of plates. The result was not so good.
カーボンプリントの他に今日は湿板も数枚撮影。 結果はいまいち。

I made negative too. It requires more density for printing. I’ve got to work on this next time.
ネガも作りました。 プリントにはもっと濃度が必要なので次回やりなおしです。