headrest old

一箇所、作ってくれそうなところにデザイン案と見積もりをおこしてもらったところ、ひとつ作るのに15万円! しかもこれと同じデザインは難しいとのこと。  物価の違いはあれど当事は3ドルくらいで売っていたというので、技術的に今はなかなかできないということでしょうか。5,6年前はアメリカでもリプロダクション品が作られていたようですが、最近はほとんどないようです。とりあえず今、別なところにデザインを依頼中。


I found this pictures in an old wet process collodion book. This is to hold the model’s head for longer posture for portrait shooting. I sometimes stop by antique shops to look for this but never seen this, even at ebay or other auction sites.

I asked one of the craftsmen if he can reproduce this but the price would be like $1300 and he cannot make an identical or closer designed version. It was originally sold about $3 (although other items prices were also low at that time), I assume it’s technically difficult to make things like this now. Seems there were some reproductions available in US 5~6 years ago but not for now. I’m asking another craftsman now.

I think many old tools including cameras were well designed with best materials and best craftsman skills, and I’m not very fascinated by those mass-produced items under the capitalism.