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(実際にフレミングの法則がこの形だったかは ??)
holding glass4x5
親指を角にひっかけて人差し指と中指でガラスの淵を軽く押さえます。 最初は4×5のガラスを持つだけで指がつりそうになってよく落としていましたが・・・

holding glass8x10'

holding glass8x10

holding glass11x14

近々11×14で試してみようと思います。 4×5くらいだと失敗してもすぐガラス磨けるけど、11×14になると失敗したときのダメージが大きいので緊張します。

You have to hold the glass horizontally when you apply the collodion. How to hold the glass is different from person to person. I personally hold like “flemming’s left hand rule”. (I’m not sure the actual “flemming’s left hand rule is like this..)

I hook the thumb on the corner and hold the glass edges with the first finger and the middle finger.  I used to get my fingers cramped and drop the glass often, but now I can hold 8×10 glass easily.

I try not to have the collodion come all the way to the thumb, my plate is always missing the image in one corner.

Since 8×10 is the maximum weight I can hold with “flemming’s left hand rule”, I need to support entire glass underneath using all of my fingers. Some people do this way for smaller plates like 4×5 or 8×10 but I didn’t do this because I heard that the temperature of the area that each finger faces under the glass raises and it prevents the collodion from making a smooth image. (And I may drop the glass if I hold like this.)

I will try to this new way to hold the glass for my first 11×14 in near future. I get pretty nervous because if the glass becomes bigger, the effort for recovery gets bigger..