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この血痕のような染みはうさちゃんの足跡ではなく、硝酸銀。 ホルダーを暗室から撮影場所に持ってくる間にポタポタとたれてしまって、どんどんお家が汚くなっています。



ベクレル法ならなんとかがんばってできるのではないかと、とりあえず現像用の赤いフィルターを作ってみました。 ちゃんと使えるかどうかは実際に使用してみないとわかりませんが、道のりが遠すぎるので、とりあえず気持ちだけ。。。 




The blood like stains are not my bunny’s footprints but stains of the silver nitrate. I make my room mess by dropping the silver nitrate from the plate holder when I walk from the darkroom to the camera.

Anyway.. I’ve been doing some research on daguerreotype process as I couldn’t stop thinking about making daguerreotype by myself.

There are 2 kinds of process for making daguerretoypes.
One is the original method that Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre introduced back in 1839 in France, which uses mercury for development, and the other is called Becquerel method which uses red filter instead of the mercury and it was discovered by Edmond Becquerel.

Most people will start with Becquerel method as it’s less dangerous without mercury & bromine, but even for the Becquerel method, iodine is toxic chemical and it’s something that should be handled in safe environment like in the fume food.
I think I could somehow manage to the Becquerel method someday, so I made a red filter for it, with a hope that my dream comes true. I’m not sure if it works or not though.

The silver plate will be developed under the sun through this filter. I heard that somebody took 3 days to complete the development. In addition, seems the image quality and sharpness is not as good as the one developed by mercury. Only disappointment might be waiting for me after all of my efforts. Still I would like to see the exciting moment that the image comes up on the silver plate.