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シェラック・ニスで、エタノールを使用して画像が溶けてしまった件をQuinn大先生に相談したところ蒸留水を加えるといいとのこと。 (さすがQuinn先生。)
daguerreotype on the wet plate

私が使用したエタノールは99.5%でしたので、これに水を少し加えれば大丈夫なはず。 というより、無理して臭いエタノール使う必要もないので実験はしませんが・・。 


それがもっと作品作りに役立つのにと思いつつ、Wikiとか読んでもちんぷんかんぷんです。 もっと化学がわかるようになりたい。。

I asked Professor Quinn for his advice regarding my image dissolving problem with ethanol. He advised me that I should add a small mount of distilled water into the alcohol. (I really respect him.)

The ethanol I used was 99.5% so if I add some water it should work fine. Well, I’m not going to do another experiment using ethanol as I don’t like the smell…

He also said the old red collodion will ruin the image as nitrocellulose is getting weaker.

nitrocellulose…. a new word for me.
I have a bunch of chemicals at home but I only apply them according to the manual or instruction and don’t know much about its effect. If I was much more familiar with the chemicals, I could utilize my knowledge for making plates. Description in wiki about chemicals are all Greek to me… I wish I could know a little bit more about chemistry.