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large silver bath

large silver bath2


(ためしに水を入れて持ち上げてみたら服も足も床も水浸しになりました。 これが硝酸銀だったら結構大変なことです。)


acrylic tank

A super huge siver bath for a extra large wet plate.

This is a comparison to see how huge it is.  The little one is the silver bath for 8×10.

This is not well considered for the acutial operation.  The acrylic tank inside is fit tightly the upper line is is the same with wooden case so I cannot hold the tank to lift it up.

Handling the entire case with 5L silver nitrate is going to be very tough.   I’m not prepared enough to get my body covered with the silver nitrate.
As a trial, I put 5L water in it and try to transfer the water to another container, then the water flooded my body and floor.   It it was a silver nitrate, it could be a disaster.

I need to think of how to deal with it.

The tank is almost like a fish tank.