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私にとって写真は自分を見つめる作業以外の何物でもなく(だからそれほど展示とかに興味がないのですが)、ダゲレオタイプはちょうど鏡になっているので像の後ろに自分の姿が見えて、自分を見たり像を見たり自分を見たり像をみたり。  そんなことをしながら寝ました。



My first daguerreotype is far away from the impression I received from the real daguerreotype for the first time,  but I think I was pretty happy with the fact of making it by myself and I was carrying the plate, looking at it almost all day yesterday.
I put it next to my pillow when I went to bed.    I didn’t do this when I made the wet plate collodion for the first time.

Shooting photograph is nothing but looking into myself (that’s why I’m not very much interested in showing my works).    The daguerreotype plate is like a mirror and it reflect me in it.   I looked alternately both image and myself and kept doing it until I fell asleep.