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1853年以降にかかれた日本におけるダゲレオタイプの説明書。 恐らく日本で一番古いのではないかと思います。
description of daguerreotype cover
description of daguerreotype
ダゲレオが「ダキウル」、ヨウ素のことをイヨジウムと表現しています。ヨウ素は英語でiodineでカタカナ読みだとアイオダイン。 間違って読んだとしてもイオヂンくらいが妥当じゃないかと思って調べてみたところ、1846年にヨウ素に伊阿嘗蝕(イオジウム)という訳語が当てられてました。


日本に初めてダゲレオタイプのカメラが登場したのが1848年で、最初の撮影までに9年を費やしているそうです。  倒れそうな年月。。。


I think this is the oldest dageurreotype manual in Japan, written after 1853 or so.
It applies different pronounciation from what we call Daguerr or iodine now.

The process and equipment are described in a very complicated way in this book and I doubt people could ever understand it.

The daguerreotype camera was introduced in Japan 1848 for the first time and it is said that it took 9 years to make the first successful daguerreotype.   I don’t think I cannot be patient for 9 years….

What I do now is just wallking on the road that the privouls person or people established, and doing what was already proved to be feasible.  There are no surprises, it’s quite natural if the image appears.    Still I get so excited to see these images showing up on the wet plate or silver plate, maybe because I live in digial era.