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2枚目のダゲレオタイプを撮影しました。 太陽が弱かったせいか3時間外で現像しても絵がほとんど出ず、今UVランプの下で現像中。

ダゲレオタイプのために用意した銀板はたった2枚。 ガラスに比べて高価なのと、銅板と銀メッキの処理の仕方ではうまく写らない可能性があるのでとりあえずテスト用に購入しました。

やはり湿板より大騒ぎにならないので(硝酸銀がこぼれたりとか)、ダゲレオタイプは穏やかな時間を過ごせる気がします。 (健康へのリスクはこちらの方が高いですが。)

developing with uv lights

It was fair occasionally cloudy today.
I shot my 2nd dagurreotype but the sun light was weak and developing outside for 3hrs wasn’t enough so I have it sit under the UV lights now.
This time the image may not appear as I might have failed to sentitize the plate properly.

I had purchased 2 silver plates for making the daguerreotype.  It’s more expensive than the glassa and I wanted to see if the silver plating at ceratin shop will work fine this time. I used the 2nd plate today so I have to be patient for making another daguerreotype for a while.

I think I could spend more calm and quite time with making the daguerreotype than the wet plate as the process doesn’t make mess like the wet plate (e.g. spilling the silver nitrate over the floor etc.  (Higher risk to the health though.)