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それこそ1時間くらい磨いていたのではないでしょうか。 銀板はすっかり傷だらけ。



Rainy day, EV10.5, F7.7  40min.  Dagor C.P. Goerz Berlin

3rd daguerreotype

3rd daguerreotype

3rd daguerreotype'


初めてのときと同様、クリーム色で、シャープさにかけます。 感動がない。。。

今の一番の課題はヨウ素化。 ヨウ素にあてると銀板の色がサイクルで変化し、何サイクル目の黄色になったときがベスト、とかあるのですが、はっきり言ってこれが全然わかりません。
5分経っても色は変わっているように見えないし、 いつがあげ時かさっぱりなので、いつも適当。

・・というわけで、2枚使い終わったので、ダゲレオタイプはしばしお休み。 そろそろ湿板の巨大ガラスに取り組むときがきました。 (あまりにも挑むものが大きすぎて、ちょっと腰が引けてます。)

I had an unsuccessful result on my last plate, so I erased the image and gave another try.   Removing the image completely was pretty tough task, it seemed to take forever to polish the plate like a mirror.  I think I spent like an hour for polishing, with all those scratches and marks on it.

I wrote about the daguerreotype for the first time in July last year, when I  thought I would never do this time consuming process.

In spite of the bad weather, I shot the daguerreotype as I had some free time yesterday.

I developed it under the filament lamp over the night and put it under the sun this morning for about 15-20min. then did fixing, gilding, drying and mounting within 30min. right before I leave home for work..  It was super speedy process.

The color is cream yellow, and the image is lack of sharpness, the same situation with my first daguerreotype.    No excitement…
Seems like the color tends to turn to yellow with the becquerel process but I had seen the plates not like mine, so there should be something I could do.

The thing that I want to focus on is sensitization.   There is a certain color cycle when the plate being fumed with iodine and there is a particular color that will give a best result in the cycle (which is yellow).    I cannot see the color changes at all…
It looks the same after 5min. and I cannot judge when to best to take it out so I do it when I want.      If I could see the color change clearly, that would be the time that I can make better plate.

Well, I had used up 2 plates,  so no more daguerreotypes for a while.
I think it’s time to work on huge wet plates.   (It’s too huge so I’m kind of reluctant to tackle.. )