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濃い黄色。 画像が全然出てきませんでした。  ここに到達するまでにかかった時間10分。

fuming yellow

淡いパープル。 これもマメに最適な色を見ていたのですが、結局見極められず10分以上経過。

fuming purple



少し成果がありました。  カラーサイクルを少し見分けられるようになりました。

30秒で薄黄色 ー 30秒でオレンジ ー 45秒でブルー 60秒で次の黄色 − 60秒でさらに次の黄色(?)


I’ve been repeatedly using the same plate by polshing and shotting, poslihing again and shooting.
(People may wonder what’s going on the wet plate but I canot get rid of the dageurreotype from my head so I’ve decided to do more experiments until I get acceptable result..)

I’m testing to get the best sentitizing color on the plate

Strong yellow.   The image didn’t come out.   It took over 10min. to get this color.
Seems over 10min. sentitization will result in failure.

Pale purple.  I’ve been checking the plate quite often during sentitization but couldn’t get the best color.    It also took over 10min.

My first daguerreotype result must have been a fluke.   I did everything without checking process in detail.

The silver plate is getting more scraches and less clearnness after re-using several times.  Some document says I can only use it once. (I don’t think so.)

I’m testing again with the same plate and I got some progress today.
I think I can now see the color cycles better than before.

The following is just my personal note (wondering who would ever need this information in Japan.)

[30sec : pale yellow] – [30sec : orange] – [45sec : blue] – [60sec : another yellow] – [60sec : 3rd yellow .. ?]

I don’t think the color would change from yellow to orange, rose, blue, green and back to yellow in the last 60 sec so I will need to check this again.