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Although I haven’t quite succeeded making negative plate for paper printing, I couldn’t resist preparing salt papers.

ゼラチンとクエン酸ナトリウムと塩化アンモニウムを溶かした液につけて乾かします。 銀塗りは明日。

My space which is supposed to cook foods can no longer be called “kitchen”.
Maybe it’s time to make my mind to dedicate the kitchen for photo working space. no more cooking.. !
もはやキッチンと呼べなくなってしまった作業場。 そろそろ腹をくくって写真専用の作業場にしてしまおうかな。

Regarding the salt printing, I had very little doubt that the slat was a table salt.
I had often seen in the collodion recipes like 2 salts, 3 slats, etc. and I wasn’t quite sure about that. Now I understand that the salt in alternative photography process means chemical compound, not cooking salt.
でもレシピには塩は出てこないし、湿板のレシピにも、4種類のsaltを使ってます、とか出てきて、はて何だろうと思ったら化学の化合物のことを塩(えん)と言うのですね。 (・・ということすら知らずにやっていました。)